Great post Combat Babe! When you write “If you watch the news, local or national, the “talking heads” are using cues given to them by the station on how they should deliver a story; subtle nod here, barely noticeable grimace there, head tilt here, inflections and tones of their voice.” it tells that the anchors are not giving the information correctly because they are being told what to say. You can see this with Fox News and MSNBC. Both Fox News and MSNBC are reaching to certain audiences and are skewing the story so that the audience will listen more and not to change the channel. Take a look at my skew in the news blog and see the difference between MSNBC and Fox News. Once again great post!


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  1. 1 Combat Babe

    Thanks for the reblog! My dad is a Democrat who watches Fox News. He claims he just wants to see the garbage they’re putting out. I wonder, though.

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